The key to Dacia’s resounding success is its no-frills attitude towards building cars that are practical and versatile without compromising on comfort and safety.

Using clever design and proven technology, Dacia has built one of Europe’s favourite ranges of car models, that are distinguished by their robustness, reliability and affordability.

No wonder that Dacia is the fastest-growing Brand in continental Europe for the past eight years. It has been voted first in reliability in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, and ranked second in Germany.

Dacia was originally established in Romania in 1966, and has been a subsidiary of Renault since 1999. Since then, Dacia has established a reputation as a credible player in the car industry, by focusing its efforts on developing a simple range of cleverly designed car. Dacia favours simplicity and functionality over excess, thus making it a perfect match for new drivers looking for a straightforward and affordable drive.

Dacia has left a mark in the car market with its ingeniously designed, entry-level cars that offer new drivers the basic essentials in their vehicles without adding unwanted extras that drive the costs up.

Auto Sales Limited have brought Dacia to our shores at the end of October 2012, when the company unveiled the Dacia Duster compact SUV.

Dacia is represented in Malta by: