Stimulating and rewarding driving, a sleek design and uncompromising quality are the brand’s commitment to its customers and contribute to the emotion that each PEUGEOT provides.

Present in almost 160 countries with more than 10,000 sales outlets, PEUGEOT grew by 4.6% in 2015 with 1,710,000 vehicles sold worldwide. PEUGEOT combines Design, Style and Emotion in all areas, with its ambition to be the world’s high-end generalist brand.

The PEUGEOT brand is also design, with know-how stemming from over 200 years of industrial creation and 125 years of car design, as demonstrated by the latest
concept-car, Fractal, a real PEUGEOT statement for the urban vehicle of the future.

PEUGEOT design is design with a strong focus, sleek and balanced, with a clear distinctive identity thanks to elegant, honed shapes, sculpted sides, a keen, technological feline look and PEUGEOT’s own signature lights.

The PEUGEOT style is immediately identifiable and contributes to the distinctiveness of the brand.

PEUGEOT designs vehicles that fire up intense emotions.

Peugeot is represented in Malta by: