Renault took the driver’s seat in leading the progress and tremendous changes that shaped the present state of the automotive industry in Europe and the world.

From the invention of the first gearbox back in 1897 to pioneering the most advanced electric cars and being at the forefront of the green wave in the industry, Renault can consider several milestones in the history of car manufacturing as being intertwined with its own development as a company.

Renault’s reputation for technical excellence, quality French design and attention to detail, makes its vehicles among the safest on the road and, thanks to its green credentials, the safest for the environment as well.

In fact, Renault has engineered its electric cars to the same uncompromising technical and comfort standards that characterise its conventional vehicles.

In 2013 Renault France partnered with the Government of Malta to launch the Demo-EV initiative, a project launched under the auspices of the European Union which offers the latest Renault electric vehicles (EV) to a select number of volunteers who document their experience of driving an EV on Maltese roads over a period of three months.

Auto Sales Limited is proud to support the maintenance of the Renault ZE (Zero Emission) range on Maltese roads through the Demo-EV initiative. The information collected from this project will eventually be used in future policy regarding the use of EVs in terms of meeting climate change targets and improving road infrastructure to better support drivers of EVs.

These policy changes will be critical in helping Malta to reach its target to put 5,000 electric vehicles by 2020, as well as fulfilling the goal to totally phase out Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles from European urban centres by 2050

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