Open your mind. It is with this motto that smart, the lightweight of the Mercedes-Benz family, has challenged conventions since 1997 and redefined the concept of a city car with its cheeky and youthful car models that were designed for urban mobility.

With its extremely compact, highly innovative and individual, self-assured style, smart radically broke all automotive conventions of the 20th century by setting new standards in innovative mobility, systematic incorporation of new technical features and a design which visually highlights structural details.

Although the history of smart is short, it is multi-faceted. With its forward-thinking approach to car design, the Brand has firmly established itself on major city roads worldwide as a perfect response to the large number of pressing mobility issues that characterise any modern cityspace.

Autosale’s unveiled the new smart models – the fortwo and forfour which were launched beginning of 2015.

Smart is represented in Malta by: