Ian Mizzi


Ian Mizzi is a Councillor of ACIM representing Mizzi Organisation’s interests. He is a Director and third generation family member of the Mizzi Organisation. The Mizzi family has been involved with the automotive business for almost 100years, starting their relationship with Lord Nuffield importing vehicles produced by Morris Motors Limited in the UK and later Fiat. Mizzi Organisation opened and operated a factory assembling vehicles in Malta such as Triumph Herald, Hillman Hunter/Minx (arrows range), Alfa Romeo, Alfasud, Mini & Morris Marina. Car Assembly Ltd. remained operational until 1981 when it was no longer viable to assemble vehicle on such a small scale.

Today Mizzi Organisation imports and sells a number of prestigious brands through four companies – namely Continental Cars Ltd., Industrial Motors Ltd., Muscats Motors Ltd. and Nissan Motors Sales Ltd.

Brands represented include BMW, Mini, Land Rover, Jaguar, VW, Porsche, Audi, Seat, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Nissan.

Eni lubricants are also imported and distributed through Mizzi Automotive Services Ltd. which is also the company responsible body repair business.

Ian Mizzi joined the family business in 1982 after having graduated from Luther College in the USA. He later obtained his MBA with Distinction from ESC Grenoble, France. Between 1982 and 1997 he was responsible for the management of the General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd. local bottlers of Coca-Cola and associated products. He is currently a Director on the Board of the Mizzi Organisation and Managing Director of Industrial Motors Ltd and Nissan Motors Limited, distributors and dealers of Suzuki; Mitsubishi and Nissan cars respectively. He also served as a non-resident Ambassador to Morocco.

Mr. Mizzi is married to Jacqueline and has three children.