Car manufacturers are continuously striving and investing in research and development to achieve environmental friendly and sustainable mobility.

Investments in vehicle technology, intelligent transport systems and cleaner production processes have already played a significant part in cutting emissions. The European Union is playing a key role in advancing the environmental aspect and need to ensure sustainability. ACIM keeps its members abreast of latest policy developments in this sector.


Air quality

The quality and purity of air is crucial to the health and wellbeing of the population, especially in densely populated countries like Malta. Road traffic and car standards today play a key role in Malta and the various schemes that have been introduced by governments highlight this.

Road transport has made significant improvements over the years. The implementation of advanced road engine technology, exhaust filters and cleaner petrol and diesel fuels have all helped in the improvement of air quality. The EU’s Euro Standards have been a key driving force in this.

Cars and commercial vehicles sold in Europe are subject to strict limits on the emission of pollutants. These standards are referred to as ‘Euro’ standards. These were introduced in 1991 for passenger cars as ‘Euro 0 and in 1992 with Euro I for commercial vehicles. Today, all new cars are fitted with filters to meet the tough Euro 5/V and Euro 6/VI targets. Although there are still some open issues relating to Euro6/VI, the industry is working to achieve this target.

The table below shows the history and levels for Euro standards for passenger cars.



Alternative powertrains

Recently, there has been a growing interest in new powertrains that move away from the popular internal combustion engine. Models such as hybrids, full electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cells have emerged on the market and further investment is being made to make these technologies viable and accessible.

ACIM has worked with Government to introduce several schemes and incentives that allow people to make the move towards new and alternative powertrain vehicles. ACIM also welcomes the investment undertaken in introducing electric vehicle charging points across the island. We remain committed to continue lobbying with governments to increase these support schemes so that more families will switch to alternative technologies and further contributing to improved air quality.


Fuels and lubricants

High quality fuels, oils and lubricants play a key role in making motor vehicles run smoothly and efficiently. For the advancements in car technology to truly materialise, the availability of high quality fuels is a requisite.

ACIM has been an important lobby group in ensuring that the Maltese fuel operators start using high grade fuel and it is pleased to note that consumers today have the choice of quality fuels and lubricants. ACIM stresses that the fuels on the local market must:

  • Help reduce emissions
  • Should not degrade in performance or quality
  • Deliver the desired performance of the engine